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BalaJi MicroTechnologies (BMT) is India’s Leading manufacturer of board camera lenses. The company designs & manufacture M12 Mount lenses. We holds very strong expertise in offering our customer’s dedicated one-stop machine vision solution for all their optics requirements in building their machine vision system.

“Recognized as best Machine Vision lens Supplier in the Industry”

We are into design & manufacturing of wide range of board camera lenses under brand name “BMT” known as BMT Machine Vision lenses, With strong in-house R&D & design efforts, our camera lenses are developed with optimal precision techniques & produce high quality images. Our camera lenses are actively implemented in applications like Machine Vision, colour sorter machine, ITS, Surveillance, Medical Imaging Applications & many others etc.

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Contact Person: Nitin Aggarwal
Designation: Director of Sales
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Skype ID:- nitin.aggarwal.
Direct Mobile (Call or WhatsApp): +91-8800338409
Office Tel: +91-129-4006203

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Contact Person Name Nitin Aggarwal
Phone Number +911294006203
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