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We are dealing with Sex Toy &Lingerie’s in all over India. We sell all sex toy items through DTDC Courier.
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> 7059601370< Sex Toys Allahabad |Sex Toys Shop Allahabad India Online.The blowjob toy has been specifically created to fit three kinds of penis sizes. The first size is 7.5-10cm, about 3″ to 4″ girth for small sized penises. The second size is 10cm- 14cm, about 4″- 5.5″ girth for medium sized penises while the third size is 14cm – 16.5cm, about 5.5″ to 6.5″ girth for large sized penises. Rather than not getting stimulated enough due to your penis size, this interchangeable sleeve does justice to that to ensure that no matter the size of the penis, the individual will still enjoy the same sensation he ought to get while using the toy. These sleeves are made from the highest quality realistic skin material available in the world and are very much compatible with water based lubricants. They are made with a form of oily soft rubber that is a little squishy and a little bit softer than a human boob. The rubber also smells like latex. For lubricants, users can use the Fap Lube for men 8 oz or the Fap Lube for men 2 oz. These oils assist in giving an incredible feeling for the user while using it.
• Hands-free:
This male sucker is a hand’s free toy. Although it can be held by the hand, it is designed to be hands-free. The robot does all the work of stroking up and stroking down the penis. All you need to do is to sit back and relax while the toy does its magic on your body. An excellent way to enjoy the hands-free feeling is to lie on your stomach. It gives you a surprising feel as it strokes you and gets you satisfied without having to move your hands at all. Your position makes it easier for you to enjoy the feeling of the action. It is very similar to a human interaction only that, in this case, it’s a robot working not a person.
• Variable speed control:
The sex toy has a variable speed control. While using it, the stroke motion can be monitored by a slow motion to a fast motion while going up and down. It makes use of a very powerful motor. However way, you like to have your blowjob; the machine has been designed to suit your style. All that is required is to turn on the control to determine the speed that best suits you. The device also makes noise while it is being used. The noise does sound very real rather than being very terrifying. This blowjob machine doesn’t just sit on the chair while stroking you; it does create a sense of human feeling of sucking by creating a stimulation of a mouth that is moving up and down on your erection. All you require is to control the feel of the movement with the button control.
• No batteries required.
As mentioned earlier, the oral sex machine doesn’t need batteries to work. All it needs is to be plugged into a wall socket, and it is powerful enough to continue stroking you. It doesn’t stop midway like other toys, and it is entirely safe to use. The adapter it uses is a UL listed AC to DC converter adapter. Gone are the days when you needed to charge your robot before using. The manufacturers themselves have mentioned that the robot is incapable of electrocuting you thus you need not worry about being electrocuted while using it. Once there is electricity, plug in the robot, lubricate yourself and enjoy the feeling.
• It is very easy to clean:
The blowjob device is immaculate and safe to use. With its removable sleeve, cleaning makes it less tasking unlike other forms of sex toy. To clean it all you need is clean soapy water or a toy cleaner. After cleaning, you can continue using. It is equally very hygienic as long as it is often cleaned. It is essential that whatever sex toy you make use of is cleaned regularly. Another form of hygiene that you might like to consider is not sharing it with anyone. Using the device alone enables you to know how regularly you need to have the device clean for it to be thoroughly in good shape for its next use.
• Industrial strength motor:
This male sex toy has an industrial strength motor which has the same quality with a kitchen appliance. Thus it is ideally effective as a sex toy. It can work for as long as 500 hours at a stretch without stopping. Also, the toy cannot break like a regular toy; it is a machine. The majority of people do not expect to experience a robot that has the same quality with other mechanical appliances. The machine is of a very high quality and is fit for industrial use. It hardly has any malfunctions as no one has ever complained of its malfunctioning while in use. It has been significantly tested by several people across the globe.